Poets In Love

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How wonderful would it be to fall in love with a poet.

For us to collide, creating splashes of colour from the black ink that fills our veins

Our Hearts pump for the words that sooth our brains,

Our Bodies sway in the darkness, making poetry in this madness, that is Life.

By Ali Ilyas


Loving Grandmother


Regretful are we, that we cannot touch the deceased

At ease, our hearts would be, if this were so.

Though, she has past, forever lives on the love she left.

For she had a heart, that would shut out none.

Gone, is the warmth that touched us all.

But in Heaven, she lays, sending peace upon us all.

For, we didn’t just have one Mum, we had two.

So when she passed, we didn’t lose one person, we lost two.

By Ali Ilyas

[In memmory of my late grandmother, 19_ _ – 2010]
From God we come, to Him, we shall return.