Poetry, Spoken Words, Current Affairs and Life.

The Writer:

I’m a Law graduate whose mind is too creative for the field of law, I don’t see black letters on a page, I see color. I feel the words floating around in an inspiring spectacle, it could be my Dyslexia? But i feel the words as opposed to see them, which is why it takes me longer to read and longer to write. Because the words are in my head, I know what I want to say but to express it on paper is a hard task at any time of day. Which is why I love poetry, its not something you simply read. It moves me, it touches my heart and echoes deep within my soul, and ignites a passion, a fire in my heart, warmth, before it becomes stone cold.

Positivity isn’t something simply achieved in the mind, its tangible, its extracted from your surroundings. So be careful what and who your surroundings consist off.

As always, Peace and love.


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