Roses are Red, Sugar is Sweet.


They say roses are red,

they say violets are blue.

But something tells me they just don’t know the truth.

The truth about the life that we abuse,

the truth about the life that we choose.

We are institutionally educated to an extent that we become


They say sugar is sweet,

but it makes you obese.

A disease.

Fatty reserves of sweet words, makes you blind

to the universe.

As your perception is nothing,

but a perception of your own perception.

By Ali Ilyas


“I’m in love with Islam” [Poem]

Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan

I’m in love with Islam and what it  says,

Pure liberation in every single

To deny Allah’s existence isn’t realy fair,
You can’t see air but you no its

You feel its presence filling up your lungs,
We feel Allah’s presence showering our very bones.

So don’t hasten to discontent of what you do not know,
Instead hasten to pray,
Hasten for knowledge, and
Success Inshallah, will Hasten your way.
I mean would you go to school,close your eyes, ears and seal your tounge and then expect to sit at the test and no whats right and wrong?

By Ali Ilyas